Doris Day - Shaking The Blues Away Lyrics

Doris Day Lyrics

Shaking The Blues Away Lyrics
There's an old superstition 'way down south
Ev'rybody believes that trouble won't stay
If you shake it away

When they hold a revival way down south
Ev'rybody with care and trouble that day
Tries to shake it away

Shaking the blues away, unhappy news away
If you are blue, it's easy to
Shake off your cares and troubles
Telling the blues to go, they may refuse to go
But as a rule, they'll go if you'll
Shake them away

Do like the voodoos do, list'ning to a voodoo melody
They shake their bodies so, to and fro
With every shake, a lucky break
Proving that there's a way to chase your cares away
If you would lose your weary blues
Shake 'em away

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