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Doris Day Lyrics

At Sundown Lyrics
Sunbeams are gently fading, slowly fading,
And birds are waiting to do their mating,
When eventide is nigh, moonbeams are descending,
The day is ending, a happy ending,
The sun is sinking below the western sky.

Every little breeze is sighing of love at sundown,
Every little bird is resting and feather nesting at sundown.
Each little rosebud is sleeping, while shadows are creeping,
In a little cottage cozy the world seems rosy at sundown
Where a loving smile will greet me and always meet me at sundown.
I seem to sigh, I'm in heaven,
When night is falling and love is calling me home.

Daydreams through fields of clover, will soon be over,
And happy hours 'mid sunny flowers will wait another day,
Sweet dreams have just begun, dear, the day is done, dear,
When skies grow dimmer,
And stars will glimmer along the starlit way.


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