Disclosure - Tenderly (Remix) Lyrics

Disclosure Lyrics

Tenderly (Remix) Lyrics
[Verse 1: J2K]
Uhh, J
Where we going?
Oi Wiley
I'm tryna work out, how I'm gonna work with it
Certified money if I'm banking it
She's good food, I'm a good dude
Right, so I ain't gonna ramp with it
First class money, I put my stamp on it
Hold you right there, like a clamp's on it
And I'll pay the money to put my hands on it
Now that's fine, get it?
You get it and that's mine
Now we're good to go
She said she's single, and that's good to know
Cos she's a game changer like when the whistle blows
She's like a Christmas kiss under mistletoes
(Jheeze, jheeze)
Something about the way she
It's something that's so wavy
Got me overprotecting like she's a baby

[Verse 2: Wiley]
She wanna see me putting work in
It's working, now we're in the dance circling
She got the look in her eye, I know it's worth it
Me and her being together, it seems perfect
She got something about her
I'm buzzing about her
Couple things that I'm loving about her
I've been searching
Everyday I wanna be round her, like her purses
Then I wanna talk about her in my verses
She like a Hershey bar, she got a sweet kiss
I be sipping a fruit punch, sweet lips
She gimme the feeling, so I done a remix
When I'm on the mic, I took the same route as a D6
Can't believe it, it's local love
I can see it, there's hope above
Had it all in my head, now I've spoken up
I was asleep, now I've woken up
She's mine

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