Dinah Shore - Doin What Comes Naturally Lyrics

Dinah Shore Lyrics

Doin What Comes Naturally Lyrics
Folks are dumb,
Where I come from,
They ain't had any learnin'
Still, they're happy as can be,
Doin' what comes naturally.

Folks like us,
Could never fuss,
With schools and books and learnin',
Still we've gone from A to Z,
Doin' what comes naturally.

You don't have to know,
How to read or write,
When you're out with a feller,
In the pale moonligt,
You don't have to look,
At a book to find,
What he thinks of the moon,
And what is on his mind,
That comes naturally.

My uncle out in Texas,
Can't even write his name,
He signs his checks with "X's",
But they cash 'em just the same.
If you saw my Paw and Maw,
You'd know they had no learnin',
Still they raised a family,
Doin' what comes naturally,
Doin' what comes naturally!

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