Dinah Shore - Along The Navajo Trail Lyrics

Dinah Shore Lyrics

Along The Navajo Trail Lyrics
Every Day, Along About Evening

When The Sunlight's Beginning To Fail

I Ride Through The Slumbering Shadow

Along The Navajo Trail

When It's Night And Crickets Are Calling

And The Cayotes Are Making A Wail

I Dream By A Smoldering Fire

Along The Navajo Trail

I Love To Lie And Listen To The Music

When The Wind Is Strumming A Sagebrush Cuitar

When Over Yonder Hill The Moon Is Climbing

It Always Finds Me Wishing On A Star

Well Whattaya Know, It's Morning Already

There's The Dawning So Silver And Pale

It's Time To Climb Into My Saddle

And Ride The Navajo Trail

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