Digital Underground Lyrics

Digital Underground Lyrics

From the Album Future Rhythm (2001) (buy at
Future Rhythm
Oregano flow
Fool Get A Clue
Food Fight
Future Rhythm
We Got More
Hella Bump
Want It All

From the Album The Lost Files (1999) (buy at
The Lost Files
Know Me, Feel Me
Nothing Has Changed

From the Album Who Got the Gravy? (1998) (buy at
Who Got the Gravy?
I Shall Return (Intro)
Holla Holiday
Wind Me Up
The Mission
The Odd Couple
Blind Mice
Mans Girl
April Showers
Cyber Teeth Tigers

From the Album The Body-Hat Syndrome (1993) (buy at
The Body-Hat Syndrome
The Return Of The Crazy One
Doo Woo You
Holly Wanstaho
Bran Nu Swetta
Body-Hats (Part One)
Wussup Wit The Luv
Digital Lover
Body-Hats (Part Two)
Jerkit Circus
Shake & Bake
Body-Hats (Part Three)
Do Ya Like Dirty?

From the Album This Is an E.P. Release (1991) (buy at
This Is an E.P. Release
Same Song
Tie The Knot
Nuttin' Nis Funky

From the Album Sons Of The P (1991) (buy at
Sons Of The P
The DFLO Shuttle
Heartbeat Props
No Nose Job
Sons Of The P
Flowin' On The D-Line
Kiss You Back
Tales of The Funky
Good Thing We're Rappin'

From the Album Sex Packets (1989) (buy at
Sex Packets
The Humpty Dance
The Way We Swing
Rhymin' On The Funk
Gutfest '89
The Danger Zone
Freaks Of The Industry
Sex Packets
The Packet Man

Other Songs:
Hip Hop Doll
Underwater Rimes (Remix)
Your Life's A Cartoon

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