David Banner - Yao Ming Lyrics

David Banner Lyrics

Yao Ming Lyrics
[David Banner:]
Hello it's Mr. David Banner, your bitch eater
I suggest that you don't kiss or hug her and don't eat her
I Run DMC's in this bitch in my adidas
I was chose to expose when you chose as a leader
Yes I'm fresh like a rose picked from the garden of Eden
I'm stepped out the rose my game rose like Easter
I got a couple bitches that's painted like Mona Lisa
Now I f*ck 'em at my leisure and I never touch my visa
So ghetto, my kicks so retro, got nuts like a rhino, call them Mark Echo
You know I ain't braggin', I'm just sayin'
I know y'all said it too, cause y'all niggas playin'

And bitch I'm tall as Yao Ming
And bitch I'm tall as Yao Ming
Look at my daddy [x4]
Yao Ming
Look at my daddy [x4]

[2 Chainz:]
Let's make a toast to the breadwinner
I am so damn hot on the scale winter
Life a bitch, I'll dance with her
All up in the sand with her
Try to get up in the bed with her
And put my third leg in her
Oh I've been pumpin' pussy like gas, nigga
Got my fo'fo', you'll get 8 like math nigga
Still use a shoe box for my stash nigga
Money so tall you gone need a drug round with ya
Self esteem high like 26
You can catch me gettin high with like 20 bitches
Takein' plenty pictures, yea you know I'm camera ready
I'm about to wax that ass I got my camera ready

Look at my daddy [x4]
And bitch I'm tall as Yao Ming
Look at my daddy [x4]
And bitch I'm tall as Yao Ming
Look at my daddy [x4]
Yao Ming
Look at my daddy [x4]

[Lil Wayne:]
Ok, traffic on Mars, smokin in a spaceship
Bright red flag stickin out like fake lips
I'm forever young, forever Young Mula
Bitch, cash money is an army, oorah
Tunechi be what they call me
I'm everything but sorry
Get a bad ass high yellow bitch to come and ride my horse
I named it Charlie
No cream in my coffee, don't bleed on my carpet
I falls in love with all these hoes, but it's money over bitches regardless
I'm so high I won't come down, boy my pack be dumb loud
Waiting for one of these niggas to cross the line, like a touchdown
I gotchu, I'm Piru, bitch I'm out there by you
Blade on the AK, cut your ass like high school
David banner on the beat, bitch, dig it like a deep ditch
I got the world in my hands I'm about to make a fist
Ha, I stand tall as Yao Ming!
Blocka pow pow ping... must be New Orleans!


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