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Something Is Wrong Lyrics
[Rick Sanchez - taken from a CNN interview regarding Derrion Albert:]
But what is that? I-I just gotta ask you though
Because at that moment (yeah...) where you have that brick
Or where you have th-that that two-by-four
And you're bus- about to bust the skull
Of a fellow human being open with it
And you're about to crush him or kill him or stomp him or kick him
When he's on the ground bleeding already
SOMETHING'S gotta be real WRONG...

[Chorus: Lisa Ivey (David Banner)]
If you look at all the hurt, look at all the pain
People are DYYYYING and it's SUCH a shaaaame...
They know something's wrong (But won't nobody say it)
They know something's wrong (But won't nobody say it)
They know something's wrong (But won't nobody say it)
(I'll put it in a record, but will anybody play it?)

[David Banner:]
In Chi-Town, D. Albert's laying on the ground
His life bleeds away while other folks stand around
We gangstas, but we cain't stop the pain in our town
I watched it on the net and that moment was profound
The OG'z gotta put the BG'z in check
I'm tryna do sum'hin but I need y'all help
We started gangbangin to protect ourself
Now it's power and respect to kill everything for wealth (wealth)
.. and it's the same thing in rap
You tell the kids to stay hood and you ain't even in the trap
He ain't never sell dope, he ain't never did time
And if you did, why would you want them to walk the same lines? (YEA-AH!)
It's like we travel back in time
Took the whip with the crack, now it's black-on-black crime
Yeah, we put our cities on the map
But they call it the trap because most hoods are just that - a trap!


[David Banner:]
Mr. President, you know that some people still racist?
Jimmy Carter said it, you didn't have to underplay it
Huh, but I guess you got a plan
Police is still killin our young black man
Ah, I meant young black men
It's less of us in college and more us in the pen (in the pen)
Huh, I guess it's the devil's den
You ain't trippin, you aight, it's more of our friends
That's dyin in these streets, so I'm a die over this beat
If I die off in these streets, I'm a let the blood leak
Whisper, "God forgive me" - Then bury me in the creeks of Mississippi
And I'm a take the whole world with me like..


[David Banner:]
Women playin men but why do men play women?
I saw one in UGG boots and real tight denims
Man, he had Apple Bottoms on
So I walked over to him and I asked, "What's wrong? What's wrong?"
He said, "What's wrong with you?!
Ain't nothin wrong with me, this is the life that I choose
This is what I do" So I said, "What's the use?
But if it's man on man, how the hell we reproduce?"
Ah, test tube baby
He said, "Uh, David Banner, I remember when he raped me
Take me to the bed, binded both legs
I blanked out and woke up in a pool of red
Ah, that changed my whole world
Like that's my stepdad, thought, that I shoulda been a girl"
Man, this is more than a song
Our kids are dyin fast, there I said it, somethin's wrong

[Rick Sanchez:]
I agree with you. I think there are people out there
Who could possibly, very well be unsalvageable
And maybe we as a society started- need to start treating them
As if they are, just that - unsalvageable. [echoes]

[David Banner:]
That's a lie, we gon' save our kids!

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