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So Long Lyrics

From the Album: Greatest Story Ever Told

I think for the most part, our generation is filled with a bunch of f*cking cowards. And I say that man because, we beef amongst each other. We kill and we shoot each other in our own hoods and we bang each other, we won’t bang cops. Know what I’m saying. And one things these motherf*ckas in America know they know we aint gone do shit

I’m grippin the NINA
Visions of 9-11
Visions of 3 sixes no sevens
This is Bushanomics
George is a modern day Ronald Reagan
I pray to god in the midst of payment
Niggas I’m just saying
When do we stop playin
When do we stop pimpin and start sprayin
50 shots for every cop that pop sean bell His body layin
But they aquitt
cause they know that our generation wont do shit
Nothing, nada
But every rapper is a shotta or a don dotta
Or a killer
But you aint killin nothing in this piece
Unless it’s another nigga
Trying to raise boys to super men
And while I’m at it f*ck auther j coopermen
It’s never just-us for blacks
But they send just us to iraq
With poor whites and latinos
I pray to god that you hear this single
This is banners middle finger

Chorus x2:
Ive been waiting in the hood for so long (so long)
Ive been waiting in the hood for so long (so long)
For some niggas to stand up in here
We some soldiers and we have no fear

Mrs. Catherine Johnston
Was murdered by police
In North West Atlanta
But I don’t hear it in the streets
Where the anger in the hood for this old lady dyin
DC six aint shit but cops lyin
Aint shit but bullets flying
39 slugs Undercovers f*ck the law
This was somebody damn grandmother (grandmother)
And she died over crack sells
Crooked ass cops or some niggas tryin to flip yale
You aint have to sell it in her yard
You aint trappin bitch you yapping to the motherf*cking guards
And I got a damn question
Why the city aint pissed off
When I know yall heard shots and a old lady got hauled off

Chorus x2

I wanna see a nigga ride for something dog. Fight for something, fight anybody but your motherf*cking self nigga. We sell drugs but we don’t sell drugs to ourselves. We bang but we only bang on ourselves. We do every f*cking negative thang and niggas so hard, niggas on radios, on cds, on tapes, and on movies; they got guns, they got pistols, but aint nobody shootin at nothing but they self. Fear is the only thing that people respect. We forgive everybody but our self. These cops gonna have to fear something. Something gonna have to happen. If yall gonna march, march to the motherf*cking cops house my nigga. Make these motherf*ckas fear something dude. They got us scared. They got niggas scareed to go to strip clubs nigga, you know. Shit. My nigga like, something gotta happen. I’ll say it my nigga cause I aint scared. I aint scared of shit. I’m scared of god, I’m scared of god first, and I’m scared of taking the blessing that god has given me and leading somebody down the wrong path

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