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Lost Souls Lyrics
We like to welcome yall back to mississippi we miss yall niggas.We just want yall to know got for the thugs to my nigga

This is for my thug niggas all the pimps and the drug dealers theives and the motherf*ckin killers yeah the ones who ain't neva had shit that's why we get crunk in this bitch.Repeat 1

[Verse 1:]
Days in the pen mama out suckin d*** I aint neva had fam so i ride wit my click.Said i'll die for my click tell these hoes die too.I woulda been a Lawyer by the age of 22 but i won't so i don't giva a f*ck about killing you i'll sell crack too i will jack dudes. I drop out of school to buy my daughter some food.And her mama don't live around here no more,they took her life when they kicked in my door yelling bitch were the doorbell pow pow pow. They thought i was a beast tell the bitch look now.I'm gone smoke my weed I'm gone f*ck me a hoe.I don't want yo doe.I gone kick yo doe.I gone slap yo hoe I'm gone take yo gate.When I'm thinking bout the Lord I got to see one day sorry damn.

[Chrous: x2]

[Verse 2:]
I'm gone get me a lack I gone ride down 10. I gone pray to the lord I won't die in the pen.Got to serve for my sins.I gone serve me a cop I gotta watch my back for these f*ckin undercovers.

F*ck da cops f*ck the bitch f*ck em... bitch

[Verse 3:]
I'm gone come to the crib I'm gone flood my block. I gone ride down the block yelling f*ck Tren Lot.They done rape Grandmama they done took our land.Now they wonder why a nigga don't give a hot...damn...damn

[Chorus: x2]

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