David Banner - F*cking Lyrics

David Banner Lyrics

F*cking Lyrics
[David Banner:]
WOO! Oh.. She looks so beautiful, don't you agree?
Girl, you know what I think you should do right now?
You should just take off all of your clothes
Every article of clothing, except for the,
Leave the pumps on girl, I like that
Enough of the kissin and huggin..

[Chorus x2:]
We should be f*ckin, on da bed on da couch now,
F*ckin, f*ckin, f*ckin..
From the front to the living room, we should be f*ckin

[David Banner:]
Let the boys make love,
let me f*ck ya from da back, hair pullin, hot wax
They won't do it like dat,
they can't do it like this,
they won't tie you by your wrist
And spank ya lil sexy bad ass, cum quick (hey),
Yea I know you hard at work
Yea I know your boss a jerk,
you can come to da platter, tie you up, witcha skirt
Let ya man make love,
let me bring ya to da crib, you a big city gurl
Let me show you where I live,
gotta pond in da front, gotta lake in da back
If you wanna pop da trunk,
we can do it in da lac,
got a dick like a horse
Let me see you take that


[David Banner:]
Girl gon' lose ya mind,
let my dick touch your spine,
cum 4 or 5 times,
southside bump-n-grind
Young lady stand in line,
but I wanna f*ck you,
and all ya freaky dreams I wanna make come true,
like f*ckin on da back porch,
gon' let it out,
Or we can f*ck in time square I make you scream Dirty South
damn I ain't tryna run game,
but I will make you scream my name (David Banner),
Yea my G5 just an airplane,
take it how you want it girl pleasure or pain (hey),
yea cuz ya dealin wit a mack now,
go and tell ya friends dat I blew ya back out


[Jazze Pha:]
When ya step into the crib,
get in your birthday suit,
girl leave on ya heels
And get it ready for daddy,
I guarantee your satisfaction,
I hope your ready for action
I'm in da mood (baby),
Forget ya nigga,
stand and revizzle put ya back into it
When I work da middle,
(make it hurt a little)
when I hit it from the back girl


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