David Banner - Freedom (Interlude) Lyrics

David Banner Lyrics

Freedom (Interlude) Lyrics
[sounds of screaming and abuse]

[David Banner]
The same people in the year 16-oh-6
Enslaved black folks in the name of the crucifix
And gave us a Jesus with light blue eyes
Hell on Earth, but heaven in the skies
While they eat they pie now
Native Americans got slaughtered, they land passed out
I wanna mash out, but I feel alone
African-American but Africa she ain't our home
Man listen! They look at us as cotton pickers
They might as well cause we love to call ourself niggaz
And George Bush is a part of a bigger problem
All America loves hate, man they'll never stop it
And every rapper that I see has a key but not the key to be free
If God is only one, how could she be 3?
Maybe the key to hell lies in the trinity
There's no divinity in politics
I get mo' chips if I call my mother a bitch
I made a record like DIS
The greatest story ever told
What if I said I didn't want to tell stories no mo'?
What if I wanted to tell the truth?
GOD [echoes]

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