David Banner - Crank It Up Lyrics

David Banner Lyrics

Crank It Up Lyrics
[Intro: David Banner]
It's bad, that I gotta take out my muthaf*ckin time
To get yall punk bitches straight
First of all don't worry bout what the f*ck I got bitch
Countin' my money like you a hoe

Real men don't worry bout what another nigga got (F*CK YOU!)
You punk ass bitch
F*ck em' Static

[Chorus x2: Static]
We Ridin' (Big Bodies)
With (T.V.'s)
V-12's (V-12's)
(S.U.V.'s) S.U.V.'s
Crank It Up (Whoop!, Whoop!)
Crank It Up (Whoop!, Whoop!)
Drank It Up, Girl let me spank it up

[Verse 1: David Banner]
We got uhh
Big cadillac
With yo bitch in the back
Hold my dick in her mouth
While I pack em' a stack
She gimme ya riches
While you yap bout yo gold
It's on my cars (Ha, Ha)
That bitch bought me a boat
See she bought me a car
And it's lookin' like yours
Only difference is my nigga, I got wood on the doors
I got wood on my wheel
And I'm bustin' my steel
I f*cked yo main bitch
(Nigga) How does it feel?


[Verse 2: David Banner (Lady Singing)]
Yall talk shit while we still winning
She's on my dick cuz my rims kept spinnin'
Then I bust up the block
The system that knocks
I keep f*ckin' yo bitches, while yall keep bitin' the pot
(Diamond in the back, the sunroof top)
(Pilled up my stocks, now I'm pissin' off the cops)
F*ck that sangin' my nigga
We can chop up them pigs
Man I'm ready for war, if any my niggaz get killed


[Outro: David Banner]
If ya ride around town in his truck
Put his keys in the air and crank it up
And if that boy got wood on the wheel
Grip that motherf*cker tell me how it feel
Now Crank It Up [x5]

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