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David Banner Lyrics

Choose Me Lyrics
[David Banner:]
Yeah He Buy You Clothes I Hit It From The Back
Yeah He Drive A Benz I'm In A Woodwill Cadillac
He Readin You Poetry While I'm Spittting This Country Game
You Want Us Just Play This Pimpin' Don't Be Ashamed
Its A Shame These Soft Pretty Boy Mean Nothin'
Since These That Comin' Through For You Then Start Busting
We Out Cussin Like Macks And Ready For Car Jacks
Rollin' Up On A Slab With Yak And Some Fat Sacks Like That, Yeah

All These Bars All These Cars All These Big Time Superstars
All These Ladies At This Bar Watch These Haters Play Their Parts
You Can't Stop Me Or My Pimpin'
Cause You Lame And You Be Simpin
I'm Like Micheal You Be Pippen'
Table Dance But Sky Ain't Tippin'

The Sight Of You
The Smell Of You
The Way You Move
Has Got Me In The Mood
You Seem So Cool
You're Style Is Smooth
My Search Is Done
Cuz I Found You
9:15 And Baby The Night Is Young Plus You You Told Me That You Were Gonna
Give Me Sooommmee...

Hey Baby Girl What's Your Name Who You Wit
Do You Do Wanna Get Down With This Pimpin' Lil' Trick
Tell Me What You Like
What You Love We Can Do No Matter What It Is I Can Make It Come True
Never Gave Da Benz The Ferrari Or The Lac Tell Me What You Wanna Drive And You Got It Like That
I'm Givin You The Chance Dis The Opportunity
You Can Have It All But Ya Gotta Choose Me

Came In Theresa, Michelle And Felicia, Jackie And Rene', Raquel And Shey Shey,
Erica And Kiki, Shimiki, Shone, And Mi Mi, Beverly, Byina, Teritone And Hottie,
Aww Janae And Jane, Mocoa And Blue Flame, Carolyn And Marilyn And Angie And Shamane
Brandie And Aleyah Shamari And Nakeisha, Shawna And Janelle, Lucy, Mona Lisa

The Sight Of You
The Smell Of You
The Way You Move
Has Got Me In The Mood
You Seem So Cool
You're Style Is Smooth
My Search Is Done [x2: While Chorus Repeats In Background]

[David Banner:]
Choose Me Big Banner The Back Beater
The Dubz Can't Fit On The Truck They Caught Fevers
25 Inches I Can Clear The Benches Or We Can Go Up And Down Like Them Rug Bitches
Let Them Hatin Witches They Gonna Wish For Hate
But They All Scream Damn While Ya Masturbate
The Worm On The Hook I Can Whip And Cook Hit The Block With Chunky Socks While You Hit The Books
I Make That Sacrifice Like Jesus Preachers On Them Lames
I'm True With How I Feel, No Fingers Crossed Dis Ain't No Game,
But You A Pimp Mayn I Promise Yall That I Can Change
Like A Chameleon The Colors On Your Rings N Thangs

You Can Have What You Want
If You Give Me What I Need,
I Know You Have A Lot Of Options {So Many Other Ways}
But Baby You Belong With Me Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh


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