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Californication Lyrics
In californication, yeah, bitch I'm from the country but that don't make a nigga soft
Big city niggas come south and get their wigs knocked off
Tell me, I just hustle and flow
Find a track to start and pimp on a hoe
The block got hot a nigga, had to get low
Get the f*ck out of dodge and hit my uncle on the east side
Trevon, wharrup neph what's cracking
I wanna visit L.A., I'm already packed
Been already stacking so we gonna get turned up
Soon as you land, purple kush gonna get burnt up
Shit, the next day I'm in the LAX
Uncle Trey pulled up in a Camaro SS
Black on black, sitting on 23
Bumping rich boy like bitch throw some of these
2 bad bitches in the back seat, one of them for me
Next kid I will name Marie
Rolling up some trees on the 1-0-5 east
Roll down the window, just to feel the breeze
It's real nice, feeling like paradise (sheesh)
And all I can see is sunshine and palm trees

Welcome to californication
Welcome to californication

Where we're going? To the hood
Now I wanna see the swat and the green shower slugs
Fool, that's where the cops be
Nigga, I ain't got no driver's license or assurance
Sure enough the cops put us over on corners
Everybody out the car, the cops set us on the curve
They searched the ashtray and found a roach full of herbs
What's this in that cigar? Medical marijuana officer
I got a weed call
What condition you smoke weed for?
Trevon Jones, place your hands behind your back
You're under arrest for warrants go to court tornt Monday
Monday? It's Wednesday man,
Or maybe Tuesday, you heard me ma'am
Now if you keep it up, I'll arrest you for obstruction of justice
Trev like, take the car, f*ck this
Have fun, call my homies, go clubbing with your dumb ass
At least they ain't found my gun stash

Welcome to californication, you might come for vacation
Welcome to californication, you might leave on probation
Welcome to californication, everyone knows, anything goes
Welcome to californication, in californication

I dropped the bitches off, now I'm off to my uncle house
Stopped by the liquor store, nothing but the thugs out
White teeth and chunks when niggas hit me up like
Where you from homie?
Lifted up his shirt on me, Colt 45
And dawg I wouldn't strap another would walk up like
Nah, he cool, that's Dave Black, Tray lo folks
Visiting from Mississippi,
Pass the pine of Hennesey, here sip this with me
I'm Javon, we're gonna get it popping tonight
Wassup, Hollywood around, these niggas are flocking at night
What's flocking? Breaking in homes, BNE, burglary nigga, damn you slow
Oh we kicked it in the hood drinking smoking kush twist up
Hood rat with the big butt chose up got our dicks up
Kissed my auntie on the cheek see you laters
Now we 5 niggas deep and J bonds Navigator
The club's off the chain, I'm seeing models and stars
NBA players straight buying out bars
The state of Arizona tryna segragate
But my dick don't discriminate,
Black girls white girls, pimping I just like girls
California girls, Katy Perry tight girls
Met an Asian with fake tits next to a hype girl
She took a pot of breath sniffing on that white girl
VIP bottles and all that, this sun branded nigga started pouring out cognac
I said Pipin what you doin'? He said f*ck you too
And that's the last thing he do and
I took a bottle and I cracked that nigga, smacked that nigga
Security bust me like arrest that nigga
Tearing up the club, all 5 of us
Asian bitch grab me like hurry up slide with us
But the cops were outside stopped her, detained me
Found some coke in her purse, motherf*ckers blame me
Next thing you know I'm in the county jail
I walked in the cell, my uncle Tray's right there
And he's just shaking his head then he laughed at a nigga
Don't be in the bed, don't let the bright lights fool ya and lay you trinket bless
It's been 24 hours I just caught my first case

I'm just here to see the Hollywood sign get locked up
Niggas doin' crazy, tribe lights get popped up
As they tripping on me for no reason
Jail politics, county niggas in season

Welcome to californication, you might come for vacation
Welcome to californication, you might leave on probation
I'm telling you that
Welcome to californication, anyone goes, everything goes
Welcome to californication, in californication

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