David Banner - Be With You Lyrics

David Banner Lyrics

Be With You Lyrics
I want you to be with you

One for the money (yes sir)
Two for the show
Three for all the ladies just standing outside my door
Yelling Oh It's that Mister David Banner
If I say yes she wants me to be her like I got ..
My sedated walk to the bus with the PIMPS..
Open up my head and say yes
And then come with me

I just want to be with you

I got a bar in the bus
We can discuss feature plans
Me and you and all your friends
We could visit for our lands
Like showers in ..
Bear foot in South ..
Would this .. served with bear hands

That's back in Mississippi
All you gotta do is close your eyes
And come with me girl
I wanna be with you

I told her
I got the chips
If you got the dip
She said when I did
Better be equipped
I'll keep my hand on her hips
I told her give me all you got
Until your given is gone
She said her love is eternal
And I won't be living that long
Well I'm not immortal
But I swear I'm no wimp
Cause I die twice
And keep coming back as a pimp

Too close for comfort
Too close of home
You're too close from the front of the stage
To be alone
Here's my number
When I'm gone
You can call me on the phone
I don't buy it being shy
You're supposed to be grown
Be smart on her past
Holly Marry is being ..

I wanna be with you

Now put your hands up in the air
Yea them where I can see them
Put put them away cause where I'm about to take you
You won't need them
I'll treat them
Forever please
Scream and squeezing and breathing hard
Believe in Luda like you believe in God
Alleluia please pass the ..
You're so weat that I'll be calling out for oxygen

I just wanna be with you

Those huge baby eyes
Keep running off at the mouth
And you're telling me
How you learn these rappers from the South
Thinking how I .. I just wish that your soul ..
We can go to Planet Lack with a land that made us love it
You can lay off on your back ..
So you know it stays black girl

I wanna be with you

Look I'm one of the best guys
Not one of your ex-guys
If you get drunk don't worry
I'm gonna let my sex drive
I'll keep my hands on the wheel
If you put them in reverse
Put on you safety belt
I'll put you in rehearse
Your frame will .. to women the same size
You're so fine
I'm about to put you in my Fab Five

I wanna be with you

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