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Front Street Lyrics
[Mookie B:]
Bankhead we ain't neva scared you heard what lil mark said D4L put it down radio gotta play it
still on that front street f*** wit dem young g's Cicero Martin Luther King Bankhead boys they down wit me
Harris home still my home county boys got them toys ya'll M*** F***
cant pull my card Im mookie b the dop e mate papa chasin weildin it grab da mike and keep that M*** F***
S*** crunk

Front Street Woah [x6]
woah woah woah

Big Trucks Big Bucks stuntman stay flexed up ice on my wrist to my M*** F*** Neck up Ya'll
N*** Aint neva heard ov me like that song called S*** Me aint to fly for akey dont make me give that
price to me hit me on my cell fone 44368 posted on that front get there check and dont be late Label me
tha bad guy cash floa it mutiply neva seen so much money in my bank stacked so Hi


Thats front street wo get geeked like O like stunt aint got no rep give em 2 dollas fabo i can pop
like lo make ya bend ya nees till ya hips go next time you think first befo you run yo lip (o)
i was born evangelist see bankhead aint havin this we got the trap locked down yall freshly rapin it
2 35s on that new rov oh suka you will die when that front street woah i pop i roll beat at the trap
doah and a hundre D4L fans runin thru that back doah (Woah) (woah) he'll do it now (Woah) (Woah) she'll Do
It Now


Swereve like this thru that front street woah Range rov 24s wit a poket full ov dough Im lo Girl Im lo
let em know thow a bow oh no D4L dun walked thru da doah and we high off dro knokin hatas to tha flow
make a way to tha bar for tha cris and tha mo Fabo geeked up do ya dance on em' he done popped anotha
spree well spinnin like O like woah N**** spinnin like woah, Like woah N*** spinnin like woah

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