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Curren$y Lyrics

Your Direction Lyrics
This is music you can fly to.
Brought to you Courtesy to good weed and bad bitches and I mean that in the best way possible.

In there like swimwear
That is my answer if you asking if I will be where it is poppin tonight
Home boy fa sho, ain't I always,
Well not always but when I get my off days.
I'm known to step out
Pull my best out
Super freash you know I dress out
The life I am living got me stressed out
And that is why I am in the club tonight
Shades over my eyes
I spy to the left of me
A vision so heavanly
I figure this is how it feels when you rolling on ecstasy
She takes away the breath of me,
I wanna approach but not sure if she know the rep I got attached to me
I want hearts I commit an assult of battery
I'm a dog but for you I can change drastically,
Damn I gotta gain my composure, attack my mission, handle buisness like a soldier told her,

[Chorus: x2]
Ayyee Ayyee... Ayee.
Ayeee I don't really hit the club but tonight I'll make an exception
For some reason I can't seem to keep my eyes off your direction

Tell your friends, you won't be leavin with them,
U met the man of your dreams, ya'll are gettin in the wind
If they ask who, point to me and say him
Curren$y, the high spitta, he's
You can be the co-pilot in my fly ass benz
You will tell them all about me sometime in the mornin,
But until then you're havin the night, of a lifetime
Sittin on my balcony, takin in the sky-line,
Heaven sent us some fine wine, puffin on some good line
From the pages of the high times magazine
Poppin in some dvd's,
You wanna watch The Wire? or the sopranoes season 3?...
It's all good with me
We ain't even gotta rush to freak, we can chill on this sofa
Hold on,
Lemme gain my composure, attack my mission handle business like a soldier

[Chorus x2]

Momma, you are one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen
Although my days on God's green earth, said I've been all over the world
With my team
I promise
Good God miss, you have me astonished
When I look at what your parents have accomplished
With some help from the Lord of course
Heaven must be minus an angel I'm quite sure
We can make the wedding arraangements cause I'm yours
If you'll have me, only thing I'm asking
Is that you hold me down like gravity,
Oh what a tragidy
When a player retires from the game
And baby I dun took my jersey off and untied my shoe strangs
My horoscope say prepare for chaaangee mayyyynee
Damn, I gotta gain my composure, attack my mission handle business like a soldier.

[Chorus x2]
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