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Curren$y Lyrics

What's Up Lyrics
[K Camp:]
I just want to let you know you're beautiful
From head to toe
So can I talk to you real quick

[Verse 1 - Curren$y:]
Trick what, lace who, that ain't what $pitta do
Smoke you out, though your lil chucks will feel like space boots
I'm in that space coupe when I race through
I know after the club that they chase you
You, you 'bout your hustle I relate to you
Roll up, wash that stage off, blaze a few
Get cut, fold up like paper do
Major move, no time to play with you (not at all)
Slay with you boo but I can't lay with you
I see why dudes be tryna stay with you
I see why other bitches hate on you
Why they make that paper rain on you
What else it do?

[Hook x8:]
What's up, what's up, drop it low

[Verse 2 - K Camp:]
I can see you get it (get it)
Strictly 'bout your business (business)
Good head on your shoulders
That's a sign that you in it
You do it for the love like you play the game of tennis
You a blessing, you a gift
You would've thought that it was Christmas
All that money you gon earn it (earn it)
Damn girl you so special (special)
Body of a goddess, like an angel came and dressed you (amen)
You got all the answers
Ain't no need to test you
Worried 'bout your ex-man
Why you let him stress you?
You deserve better
Can't say that it's me though
I ain't tryna full court trap, but I got D though
Tell how you want it (want it)
I'll give it to you better (better)
I see you a rider, and down for whatever
What's up?

[Hook x8:]
What's up, what's up, drop it low
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