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Curren$y Lyrics

Trip To London Lyrics
[Verse 1: Fiend]
He never really saw the bullet coming
No type of instinct for running
I wish he would have came with me to London
I never knocked his hustle, I was the one that gave him muscle
And showed him how to make a missle, snap a bone gristle
Red peppered the floors, only by the doors
In case the D.E.A. got a drug sweep tour
Confuse the canine looking, and keep one on your waistline
A few thoughts when they really wanna chase mine
Why they wanna replace mine shots of tequila when I chase mine
One bullet proof transport, [?] number on who made mine
Smoking that gray pine, they save mine
I had to seek it, now I'm one of the ones that can speak it

[Interlude: Curren$y]
Ain't never gon' die homes
Too muf*cking live for 'em
Tryna throw cases on him like a iPhone

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Jet Lifers, never die-ers
Mongooses with the stunt pegs and my seat had the vice grip pliers
Screws loose but the game was tighter
Al Pacino, Robert Loggia, Michelle Pfeiffer
All survived the action cause they was actors
This real shit is tragic homie, them automatics is actually clapping
We gon' have to pour liquor if you can't move a lil' faster
They was sparin' yo sister out of respect but now they getting at her
Cause you gone homes it done matter
Shit cold as f*ck but we know everyday it happen
Some people never knew until the First 48 came through
The television but my niggas really living in it fool

[Hook: x2]
You didn't see it coming, no type of instincts for running
I wish you would have came with me to London
You didn't see it coming, no type of instincts for running
I wish you would have came to London
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