Curren$y - These Bitches Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

These Bitches Lyrics
[Hook: French Montana]
On it, your bitch calling
Said she on a pill and she rolling, dog
She want it all night long
Straight cash, all I want
Them doors go up on that Lam'
Bitches sucking over, no hand
She want me spend this cash all on her
I just hit that pussy, now I'm gone

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Too much gone, all to think about
I just need some good head, baby think it out
I slam doors on your favorite whore's
Niggas lost and won, some niggas won and lost
Can't run, nigga pray
Toast up for my niggas, make a milli' off a day
Them nightmares come true fast
Shining on your T.V. nigga, newsflash
School of hard knock, pocket all knots
In that small box, making young niggas roll fast
Montana, fast money with a slow ass
You f*ck niggas stinking with your old ass
What's in my pocket is your hoes?
I'm riding slow, these niggas talking fast
Rolling, nigga popped a pill and I'm rolling


[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Six-hundred a bottle, bring ten
No sparkler's, too much attention
Drawing stalkers, bitches be fishing for baller's
I'm bossing, New Orleans
Ferrari's, Bentley's
To Monte Carlo's, El Camino's, Impala's
Disappearing with your broad at three in the morning
Penthouse, hotel room cards
Big dog, underground rap star, I can't lay down
Too long baby, plus I know your mans at home going crazy
And in my world you know the game ain't waiting
For no nigga putting pussy before paper's
So repair your make-up, and have your alibi made up
I hate to be the reason you and old boy breakup
I wake up, bake up
Night time, smoke the stage up, counting cake up, good time
Oh my Montana, Andretti coke wave
Jet Life

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