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That's The Thing Lyrics
Baby, oooh
I keep on coming back oh back to you
baby, oooh
I keep on coming back

[Curren$y: Verse 1]
uh from day 1 been down to ride every second since then been by my side
broken hearted from the lies often she cried but holding on to love for dear life
cause when everything is good we'll have a greater time
but fall out over something ever few months down the line
see clearly love is blind cause we can't see a way out this nor reach a compromise honestly I'm not trying
cause I want to be with you but they calling me outside and I'm like how can a man choose
I wish you'd understand if them other ones ain't you I really just be playing
might smash up and be through but my heart still in ya hands
and I promise that's the truth and I hear what you be saying
and I feel your point of view but somewhere I forget that shit get caught up in the loop
late night speeding them coupes I'd respect it if you left me but I'm glad you never do.

[Estelle: Chorus]
See here's the thing I won't sit here broken hearted
boy we gon get back where we started
cause I won't leave you no I gave too much to lose
ooh I've already [?] you
but there's nothing left but just us two
you're everything yeah see that's the thing yeah that's the thing

[Curren$y: Verse 2]
and I don't fall asleep next to none of them hoes
no matter what's popping I be sure to make it home
that's no excuse for wilding I'm just making sure It's known
cause I'm actually not doing half of what I could be doing
I'm slowing down tryna make improvements
thinking bout the future and shit
that one cohesive unit raise a lil princess or junior
soon as I make enough with this music
this dream got my attention love be patient as I pursue it
it'll benefit the both of us if you could just sit through it
when it's all said and done we will have built a thing of beauty
and sailed into the setting sun but I already know
that you done heard this like like a thousand times before
and I done prolly said it like a million times mo'
but I'm being sincere I see us winning and we almost there

[Estelle: Chorus]

[Estelle: Bridge]
Since we met you want to go with me
and we connect like we're supposed to be
I'm all yours all yours all day
and I confess I'm gonna [?]
cause I can [?] so I can tough it out
I'm all yours all yours all day

[Estelle: Chorus]
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