Curren$y - Talk My Shit Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Talk My Shit Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Bitches on chemicals
Moving bodies, sensual, sexual
Cynical, octopussy killer tentacles
Drown many of clown nigga
Bitches'll do it to ya every time
Ashes and ink every line
You'll swear I live the pimp life more than a couple times
The way I get in they minds without ever spending mines
Take a boss out to eat weak bitch, I want surf and turf steak
Big shrimps, hundred percent [?]
If I'm in the building, your ho's trailing my scent yo
You know

Let me park my whip so I can get out and talk my shit
Let me park my whip so I can get out and talk my shit
(Life) Life (Life)
(Roll something)

[Verse 2:]
Audio dope
Overdose, you'll go out like Scatter man
Watch classics, learn from the masters
Extract data man
I got the pounds and the million dollar plans
Grand steering wheel in my hand
Mama next to me rubberbanding up them grands
Finna to hit the car lot, cop two champagne sedans
Bitches drunk wanting to f*ck, I'm sitting on the trunk rolling one up
Come on - we can ride
Burn trees down, switch cars on the east side
Vercetti Andretti, Corleone family
Watches heavy, strong arms
Snatch the world, carry it home
Me and my girls break a piece off, stuff it in a bong
Hit the couch, turn the game on
Yea, homes

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