Curren$y - Sidewalk Show Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Sidewalk Show Lyrics
One time for the lifers, two times for the lighters
One is nothing if the other not present in the cypher
Letter never be divided, OG game provided
By the star of the show, not a side kick
My side chick got a side chick
That boo came to clip and slide on my ishh
If I can find time
Diamonds in my Rolex got me temporarily blind
Forgive me for that braggadoious line
I'm not so flashy with mine
But every now and again you gotta remind niggas that I'm really on the grind
Some rappers just say it cause it rhymes
I say it, I plant it and then it's mine
Roll up on me and see with your own eyes
That SLS keep em surprised

James Bond rendition
Don Perrion bottles is frigid
A couple models in here, Bridgette and Bridget
On wise and done lines, I spectated they got naked and played twister
I rolled another broken finger, this one was moist ended
Smoke this for my nigga who no longer with us
Your spirit jump out them T-shirts and pictures
You live on my nigga
It's like them coward ass suckas never killed ya
I'm taking dabs of the OG wax
My girl at the spa getitng a Brazillian
When she get home I'm going swimming in it
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