Curren$y - Scottie Pippen Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Scottie Pippen Lyrics
Showing no signs of letting up
Still kick you in the head like I think
You on the verge of getting up
No mercy, Cobra Kai, Cobra commander
Deadly venom spitting, niggas just a salamander
I'm living the life worthy of capturing on camera, documented
How one of the last live ones did it
How I rolled up in the drop, how I rolled up that sticky
How I rolled with them women, elegant player, no simpin'
How I f*ck them to sleep
How I rolled up out the building when I was finished
Keep it G
Them niggas not original they muh f*ckin house of mirrors
Not quite the image, I'm on that Popeye spinach
Mama mai-tai sippin, she loves a square nigga
But now she trying something different
Windy City Bulls Mitchell and Ness wool jacket, some sweats and Scottie Pippens, my description
High off that fuzzy green prescription
Lying if I said that I isn't
If you looking for that nigga: I is him
All eyes in this direction, a burden and a blessing

[Freddie Gibbs:]
Reporting live from the devil's pallace
Breakfast had two titties, two blunts and a turkey bacon sandwich
2 seasoned eggs and grape jelly
My hoes stay ready, pop that pussy,
Then peeled off in my Pontiac on Pirellis '82 edition
Spotters body squatting on sixes?
Rather be counting stacks than stuck in the county, washing the dishes
Or washing drawers in the pen
Got two zones of soft and some Henn
I had to go pay the correct correctional officer to walk him in
Bail money on deck, come at my neck
Bless that boy cause that same place where him test is where he slept
I issue eternal rest, sign up and be a subscriber
The price of life that's so high that I must make sure I stay higher
Stay with the purp out of piso [?]
Smacking these deep as needles
They running the rock just like I play quarterback for the eagles
Randall, Donovan to Michael
'Fore I picked up this mic I was hitting licks with some lords
Did dirt with plenty disciples
I'm gang bang affiliated, federal investigated, self educated
All my co-conspirators catching cases
I dropped straight out of college then I majored in home invasion
But believe I got the balls to clear up all of my altercations
Leave faces with alterations, the closed casket console
Tryna make million dollars, f*ck a million downloads
But if that equal the same, then slice that up and give me my change
I made a lane up in this game so niggas gone remember the name
Gangsta Gibbs hoe, two bitches cooking in the crib hoe
Still push a bucket but I ride it like a Benz hoe
Tryna find a bridge hoe, to slanging raps, from slanging weight
Said that Fred the new age Brad, bitch call me baby face killa
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