Curren$y - Razors & Chopsticks Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Razors & Chopsticks Lyrics
Put the towel by the door, and cut the shower on
Turn this corner suite into a home
You can smell it
Taught my girl how to French Inhale it
Sip this, Think about the position
Presently, would you rather be with any other niggas?
Alzheimer's when you seen another this fly? You don't remember
Shit... Whoa buddy, temper-temper
You're searching for Red October
Wake me up at the end of December
First quarter crunch, No time to put my feet up
Them suckas thought they locked me out
But f*ck that, Spitta got a dude that can key cut
I can't take a L a nigga way too G'd up
Six chicks in karate gees rolling my trees up
Jet Life, the shit that you only dream of

Yeah... yea, uh
And where haven't we been... yet
F*ck boys is wondering if they...
Bitches know the planes... Got it
And you can't do a thing... About it
You, know!
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