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Curren$y Lyrics

Prioritize Lyrics
Ray Leather on my Hoosiers
Drag strips slits rare, the barracuda
Them niggas ain't shit, jus muthaf*ckin' poo poo
Sissy ass zero, muthafuccin' fruit loops
Homie who yo hero, who taught you yo moves
Zzzzz's in my limo, woke up in my hotel room
Hoe's jus followin' they noses, to my door it's
No joke momma jus roll this
You can hit it after my lil brother say he straight
You gone get yo turn, on the doobie bitch jus wait
No beginner luck, comin' from me this is jus fate
Because I had fate certain
I can make it shake, like turbulence
Sweet sugar babies all sleepin' in my nursery
Walkin', suckas go to shufflin', nervously
Won't stop til I reside at the top permanently
Twenty-One joints burnin' for me

And if you ain't got no rims nigga don't get no wood grain steering wheel
But you can lay back, let yo paper stack
Instead of going into overkill, pay yo f*ckin' beeper bill bitch

[Nesbey Phips:]
This is to them niggas that think this shit is sweet
I guess it is hah?, cause I'm in first class makin' beats
Sippin cranberry, no liquor
Deboard the plane, hoe's stop me for a picture, I ain't trippin'
Even tho I'm a fall back nigga
But that's how it is, when yo crew on buzz
People do show love
Fall thru, and all my town niggas do roll bud
But leave them blunts in yo car, cause we don't do those cause
That's a mean pair of kicks, kudos love
Now she, cookin' me breakfast after lustin' me for dinner
Figure she won't lose cause she f*ckin' with a winner
I told her game over to reset press enter


Mission Impossible completed
Obstacles are obstacle illusions, we don't really see 'em
They put rules in place cause y'all need 'em
Some people are like sheep
I got no mercy for the weak
Especially when niggas next to me, ain't ready to eat
I put 'em in position to get them, I'm gettin' me
Louisana traveler twistband
Lookin for my music, is bringing listeners under the ground like quicksand
Kawasaki ninja on the kickstand
Any minute I'm Audi
Like 4 rings, true and engineering ya got me
Bitches longin' to be by me
Hypnotic karate
Talk that dress right off of her body
She so wet, she soggy
From these verbal massages, highed up
Astrologist, smokin' with yo goddesses
Swore that I would do all of this

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