Curren$y - Payroll Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Payroll Lyrics
[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Uhh Cadillac Seville, mama what it is
Green peanut butter interior love get in here
Bitch get it in got a whiff of this shit uncle Snoop sent for Christmas
Twist this, girl said she would come with you but she didn't
Home girl slippin', she missed it
F*ck her we livin' it - butler's were I'm livin' in
No busters my niggas all of us authentic
I show you how them purple strings just like a hot sinner
Thunder shook the ground when the gods enter
My car make the same sound when I start my engine
Pardon me as I write over the margin
Open up the market look what I started
Theatre in my house home box office
And that Chevy rollin' out like the red carpet
Hoes out tonight I wipe down my Ferrari
Same old shit I'm talkin' goin' down everyday in New Orleans

[Hook: x4]
Never been paid to give a f*ck
Might as well blaze another one

[Verse 2: Young Roddy]
Started out three niggas became a business
On my king size mattress lay my mistress
First nigga from my set to make history
I got a picture on my wall of a Bentley
Picture my father was a hustler that's what's in me
Picture how I used to pedal work on my ten speed
Plus the rent's due I gotta make the ends meet
But I gotta show I gotta buy that Fendi
Or purchase louis they tell me don't be stupid
So in my Nike Airs I grind 'til I'm gucci
Plus the hurricane made me out to be a looter
The place I call home turned me into a shooter
Yeah but hip hop enabled me the future
Cause I get focused, spit like I'm toothless
But all that fake shit got me ruthless
Like f*ck you, pay me, I don't give a f*ck sue me
I'm trying to make some bread for my junior
Smellin' like a pound of that exclusive
I never got paid to give a f*ck
So I might as well blaze another one
Life, I rep that shit fo' life
I never got paid to give a f*ck
So I might as well blaze another one
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