Curren$y - Opening Credits Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Opening Credits Lyrics
It was right around the time
I thought, I had to move back with my moms
I had to sell my first lowrider
Half way to the top
With the sleep
Woke up at the bottom
They turned off my lights
I lit candles and I plotted
Got it before
Getting it again shouldn't be a problem
Every month dropped something
Then ended up in Double X-L
Put a nigga on the cover
Made the freshmen ten like a year before my brother Wiz
Rap hustling and we rocked there what we win
Then I tried to start to start a bidness with Damon
Charged that to the game, learned some thangs
I thought I earned some change
But f*ck it mayne, it's all the same
I'd live the same life again
If it don't kill ya
It'd just make you realer
Stepping into the house shoes of a big wheeler
Always wrote my own rules
This jet life nigga
Remembering when I couldn't smoke in the buildings
Now the executives is dancing on the ceiling
I've been moving around, moving around trying to get it
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