Curren$y - No Squares Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

No Squares Lyrics
[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Battle axe rap swingin' like 84 elbows
On the H-Town slab Cadillac Eldo
Spokes pokin I should be the "weed
Don't stop me from workin" spokesperson cause I get it in
Stoned, active like a sober person runnin
Rather have my feet hurtin than my pockets
I chase that money down like it said somethin' bout my mama
I chase that money down like I think it took my wallet
I chase that money down like it key scratched my impala
I chase that money down pile it up and climb on top it
Trill nigga mountain at the summit countin' hunneds
You try and take me from it you gone plummet to the bottom
If there was a winning contest then I did won it, done it
Bossed up playa don't do much but kick it I'm a punter
No pun intended I'm a stunner
Brung the Lamb to the motor cross ramp like f*ck it
I'mma jump it, officer love muffin
It should be a crime how you lockin' down that bitch
But the girl mine
Said she wouldn't do it again for the third time
Figured you realize at some point that the girl lyin'
Either you blind or you don't mind
Either way I'd never hustle with yo kind
Cuz we'd never get no bread, you too scared
Pimpin this the 3rd installment, what you sayin

No square shall enter in the circle of winners
No square shall enter in the circle of winners
No square shall enter in the circle of winners
Ain't been like none of them niggas as far as I can remember
No square shall enter in the circle of winners
No square shall enter in the circle of winners
No square shall enter in the circle of winners
They was payin them bitches, I was payin attention

[Verse 2: Spitta]
I do it for myself, not for them bitches
They just included with this good living
I'm paid for making music with my niggas
Been doing this and never even showed by who or his, now who the shit?
Jet Life, started the reeforlution
Cain't call it, I'm just doing what my old heads was doing
And I'm privileged to have seen them start movements
Behaving in the wild fashion, acting unruly
OG, so it take a double O to school me
That[?] somethings still a [?] might put them on some game, truly dog
In the fast lane cruising, go around me
I'm riding to my music, slowing down to some Sade on the doubie
Overtaking your position and it won't be much to me
Took your championship cup and I filled it with a smoothie
With my feet kicked up, take my picture
If looks could kill, your family would sue me
I'm that nigga


[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
I'm rolling up an insane amount of smoke
Diamonds all up in the chain around my throat
Telling me that I should change, it's all I know
I live the dream of private planes and piles of dough
Tatted on my face 'cause that's what I believe in
Make sure they know it's TGOD when they see me
We was broke but know we getting used to bread
Versace on and watching my medusa heads
You niggas looking hungry, you could use some bread
You niggas need security, you could use a craig
My young niggas slanging where them users is
I'm from Pistolvania where them shooters is
Dressing like a hippy, drinking gin straight
Heard they money funny, bitch I been straight
Hundred for them bottles, spending 10 straight
Me and Spitta got the template

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