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Curren$y Lyrics

My House Lyrics
And You Can Come Spend The Night In My House Girl
You Can Smoke All You Want In My House Girl
You Can Drink All You Want In My House Girl
Dats My House Girl [x2]
And We Can F*ck All We Want In My House Girl
It's All Cool The Neighbors Done Moved Out Girl
And You Can Scream All You Want In My House Girl
Dats My House Girl [x2]

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Hold On Baby You Know What It Is
Young Money Fly Boy You Know Where I Live
New Orleans, At A Red Light Puffin' on light green
Lookin For A Birdy To Put Under My Wing
Hot damnit, I Got One So Now Shorty Ridin Shotgun
Took Her To The Crib I Could Tell She Was Shocked
That I'm Livin This Good And My Album Hasnt Dropped Yet
I'm Like Shorty Be Cool Make Yourself Comfortable
Turn On The Tube Rev-runs Or "The Hussables"
Then We Gon' Move Off To The Bedroom
Get You In The Mood I'm Tryna See If You F*ck Strong


[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Same Thing Just A Different Day
Jaguar XK Rippin Up The Interstate
Cell Phone Ringin Every Minute It's A Different Name
Judges Tryin To Give Me Life Cause I Got That Killa Game
Momma Wanna Hang Around Me Cause Her Man Is A Jerk
Only Time She Feel Freak Is When Homie Go To Work
She Just Wanna Come Over Watch Me And Maine Play Video Games
While She Chillin On The Sofa
Readin On The Magazine Sippin' On Champagne
Long As You Respect The Crib You Can Do Anything
Get Loud When We Cuttin Ain't Nobody Gonna Hear
I'm The Man Of The House I Pay The Bills Over Here

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Yeah, She Walk Through The Front Door Then We Get It On The Floor
Get Get It On The Floor [x2]
I Say we Get It On The Floor Mommy
Get that ass Back to Me
Give That Ass A Smack Now
Say My Name Back To Me [x2] (Weezy!)

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