Curren$y - M.P.R. Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

M.P.R. Lyrics
Uh, smoother than Cochise jumper
They wouldn't have killed me to been that muthaf*cka
That's the struggle, run that money down, I'm pullin' muscle
Maintain speed on that stampede to take you under
You saw the flash fore you heard the thunder
That's yo ass in one crazy summer
You shoulda stayed where the f*ck you come from
All that venturing in this shit
Henchman, apprehension, this is serious
Authentic to distinction, that's how real it get
Clue these rookies in the hood they dealing wit
OG you still on yo apprentice shit?
Known from that vibin', the killin' shit
Push the buttons though they'll never lift a fingerprint
Off of it for evidence, forever rich
Through cleverness, flow heaven sent
Though some rhymes devilish
Two sides to every coin
Whichever side you join when it's time to ride
Yo ho ass better be down for good
Never know who you round until the shit goes down
But I know I got some family in this bitch right now
So I can roll up and ride round
Let the money pile smile
Niggas never coming down

Money power respect, one foot on yo neck
One foot on the bank, I'm headed to the check

[Outro: The Godfather]
[Woman] "You've made me think of what you once told me. In 5 years the Corleone family will be completely legitimate. That was 7 years ago."
[Man] "I know, I'm trying."
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