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Curren$y Lyrics

Money Machine Lyrics
Tony said frank wouldn't last now frank women upstairs packin bags survival of the fittest her response no longer livin pliter with these cept as bitchs when the dreams all ended and the slamed casket closed welcome to the school of hard knocks you didn't know you were inrolled code I know was code to ear these streets when your lame no longer hot you feel me seen niggas bang bitchs go through the dope game and the music lifestyle hard to uptain but it's easy to get use to it try to maintain under pressure only few do it and that's what inspires you to try the gleam in your eye manifested in your mind when you start your cryin rememberin who you steped on to come up you mite meet them another time f*ck em though if the foot were in the other shoe them niggas would stand on you to get a better view tellen you the truth while taking em to school fools don't think how I think can't sees these lines like it's scribbled in invisible ink in these tablets jet life commandments thou shal not rest till I make my whole fam rich what the f*ck you take me fo one of thoughs sucka niggas who forget that syfany flow never that glr well have this whole world changed by tommarrow light as the osem in my cars and noway I'm playin with ya'll when I say I'm so high if I was to trip and fall I would land on mars but don't mistake my highness with blindness giving me thoughs fake smiles I know what's behind them I swim with the sharks everyday you backstroke with the guppies supposedly big dogs get chopped down to puppie sized uderly youfinize these flows iv been crafting secretly I'm a lab rat sleepin on a mattress nights so hot take that girl to the pool befor she pass out livin in a limo luferwaren under the carport mite lash out if I enter a part to reserve some weather port I'm not sure what you thought f*ck pullen off from my lose got 20 minutes free how about a fast brunch pitch me whatever proposes you want no promises though I got alot on my plate no ham omelets I'm on my conglomerate word the the kid willie the fly always on top of the shit really
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