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Curren$y Lyrics

Max Julien Lyrics
[Intro: from "Super Fly"]
"I'm gonna put that young girl of your's out on whore's row."
"Listen Priest, that's my wife you're talking about man"
"So what!"

I see something in you, I could use you mama
Keep up sweetheart, don't let me lose you mama
This that new shit, you gotta get used to mama
I'm on my Max Julien, who's cooler than
Broke bitches don't waste time pursuing them
Yeah I'm on my Max Julien, who's cooler than
Broke bitches don't waste time pursuing them, yeah

[Verse 1:]
I'm not a star, but I'm sky high
Got a gangsta bitch in my car, she come to ride
My mob wife, word to Leah
Riding American muscle but I'm banging foreign features
That's my homie Sir Michael Rocks, I'm a let my speakers knock
Double back make the block so I can peep the scenery
See if it's worth getting out, doing a little mingling
Shit's a f*cking circus sometimes, I swear it's Ringling
Brothers, where's my brothers bitch bring em in
Round table meeting shit, distinguished gentlemen
Weed so fire, it should come with an extinguisher
Steady fueling my engine, more penmanship pimping
Never was a henchman, just an underboss and then a kingpin
I done made my bones, now I'm playstation marathon in a robe
Running my business from my cellphone
(Yeaaa) homes

I ain't never gonna die homie, yeah


[Verse 2:]
Where you get that bag from, I can spot a fake shit
Them ain't genuine Louboutins, your little brother painted them
Don't know who you fooling or who you think you playing with
Looking at my club couch, you better stay away from here
You gon' stand up all night if you waiting on me to save you bitch
These seats reserved for boss ladies, my Rodeo babies
Fresh off Saks Fifth, brung mama with me to Chi-town Michigan Street
We hit the Polo mansion
Before I bought my gift, she swiped that card and had them box and bag it

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