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Lysol Lyrics
Bum stickity bum stickity bum bum
I ain't gotta tell you where I come from
New Orleans back in the G
I shoulda won best dressed nigga in the high school
But they hated on me and gave it to another dude but it's cool
Look at how the tables turn around
I'm New Orleans flyest I earned my crown
Baby girl can't deny that she won't be down
With kid Crayola colors is all over the place
My shoes is red and my hat is green
It don't really match but I'm still so clean
BNG belt just to hold up my jeans
Glow in the dark Nikes Dunk SBs
You rockin eye sores boss you ain't got these
Take that shit off and spend a little cheese
And if you're not happy with your personal esteem
Take your girls advice and copy off me

I used to hustle for fresh clothes and sneakers
Never thought id be sippin Hen and smokin reefer
I'm tryin my best to duck the grim reaper
Shit gotta bust a move before that nigga sneak up
I'm stressed out so I puff till the hell gone
And I know to watch my mom on the cell phone
There's no days love trapped till the mail gone
And spitta grabbed a nigga out the L zone
They got dope weed and pistols there
Put some thugs on the whip you get bitches stare
But ain't shit sweet don't get it twisted there
It used to be blurry now it's crystal clear
And I'm still tryin to make more than Pablo
It's like I jumped of the porch with a blindfold
And all the dro smoke got me with my eyes closed
F*ck buzzin we only break from 5-0
And I ain't scared I'm just cautious
It's fly boys I'm in a circle filled with bosses

(Yup oh yup it's the lifestlye flow
Come to the club take all your hoes)
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