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Long As The Lord Say Lyrics
Cranberry crepes to begin the day
Just another chance to fill the safe
Let us pray, if we pull it off and get away, smooth escape
And they stay fam for all our days, forever paid
Never played, never save a bitch who misbehaved
That's a privilege, niggas is made
Andretti Corleone, Spitta in his lane
Don't be over here get ran over, no breaks in the rain
High performance motors, champagne
By God's amazing grace I done maintained
Foolishly wake up tomorrow, do the same thing
Money and drugs is on the brain, just trying to come up outchea
It's rough outchea mane
Drain all the love out your veins
Nothing but a cold blooded hustler remain
Trying to get to it, multiply buy two it then five
Divide it amongst my crew, you know how we do

[Chorus x2:]
Plottin' like always
Marble floor hallways
Smoked out all day
Tryin' to get more paid
Long as the Lord say the same
Long as the Lord say the same

Long as the Lord say the same, mane
We can have championship rings
Touch any and everything
Come out on top long as I don't stop
When I don't drop it be like a coke drought
Dad will be back soon, love don't pout
Dirty stall mean you already know who let the dogs out
Same nigga stay bringing cars out
When it's broads, same player rock the gold, nigga getting hoes
Pull up bumping this probably get you mo'
I'm super glued to the G-code
Sticking to the script, played the role
Made the honor roll
Shit makes sense to you further on down the road
Shiver when I spoke to her cause my game cold
Icebreaker cut precise like lasers
VVS talk quite persuasive

[Chorus x4]
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