Curren$y - Legal Crack Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Legal Crack Lyrics
[Verse 1: Curren$y]
OG Daytons not them Eagle wires
Can't be compared to them Fisher-Price riders
Blowing endo smoke in the face of outsiders
I remember being broke, I did not like it
Now we all on top, this shit lopsided
In the presence of G's, baby can't hide it
She finna cheat, it's already been decided
Before even our eyes met she was familiar with my concepts
We were each other's conquest, or so I guessed
I get dressed and back on my business
Discussing Jets on those, in my chillin' clothes
But in my grind mode, really though

[Hook: Curren$y]
Making my rounds, riding my 'Lac
Checking my traps, counting my cheese
Ducking these rats, watching my back
F*ck the police, after my scratch
Got it from rap
Would you believe this legal crack? [x2]

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
We ain't never gon' die, homes
Too motherf*cking live for 'em
Rap task force, got eyes on 'em
Only thing catching cases is my iPhone
See my eyes low, it's safe to say I'm stoned
Reefer through your speakers any song that I'm on
Riding Caddy Biarritz, my bitch know daddy the shit
I get it, stash it, and spin it, light up and do it again


[Verse 3: Fiend]
Yeah, legal doses of cooked up coke up out my notebook
Before that chronic tree you slung that dope or you made that coke cook
Soft or hard, white or tan, smoke the green
Cornbread right out the pan
Jet Life stamp so you know you're paying
It's twenty-two thou, gotta count it again?
From the city where they yelling like (F*ck police!)
No man's safe on no-man's-street
Them boys been crazy they don't smoke no geeks
It's Jones baby better get your freaks
Five hundred horses
Mind driftin' on Porsche shit
Pound your Z, five hundred-thousand, that's gorgeous
Married to the game so why would I ever divorce it?
Hoops and in-n-out combos
Contraband to my clientfolk
Ladies catch feelings and you know the rest of the motto
Aqua flow so underwater, Loius Vouitton goggles
I drop it up and drive, time to thug light my hydro

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