Curren$y - Inevitable Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Inevitable Lyrics
Could have had so much done
You blew it off (Damn)
Your chance is passing you by
(You were gassed)
Time waits for no one
And it cost for a lost (Damn)
A cosmic joke
Should you laugh or cry

Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down)
Crashing down (crashing down)
When everyone's around
I bet you would've paid up or you'll cash down (you'll cash down)
And not make a sound (make a sound)
Everyone knows now
It all comes crashing down
It's over, leave it (Yea)
Jets nigga where haven't we been yet
Jets nigga where haven't we (yea)
Jets nigga where haven't we been yet
F*ck bars wonderin if they bench next
Jets nigga where haven't we been yet
Take all the girls leave you without a bitch left

Who is gassin these niggas
87 octane can't operate my engine
Ya'll runnin on dat cheap shit
About to break down
My verse is the best part of the song like the breakdown
Everything f*cked up now
Gotta nigga bout to break down
And get a brick to break down
Now spitta thinkin out loud
Rock that next year shit
I make you think it's out now
There's snakes in the grass
Dog shit and ant piles
Please stay off the lawn
It's all kind of foul shit goin on
May Cheech Marin ditch Nash Bridges reunite with Tommy Chong
Smoke weed tell jokes and make songs
Over here we got the same thing goin on
Modern day hippy
Pretty bitches blaze with me
Spiffy in the 360 modena
Ballas look up to see me
I'm like a scoreboard in an arena
Hot spitta dat nigga
Ain't a rapper that's cleaner
You would think I had a style
That's on hand with a steamer
Told my girls before the year out I'm a get you that beamer
Once my bonus get cleared
I'll make ya'll out a believer
Those suckas kno that you here
They ain't even gotta see em
Just my presence is affectin how them hoe niggas breathin
Got them slackas on actin
No bread and eatin
Stand on your own 2
This ain't the place to be leanin
Better find ya claw
Or a strong ass wall
From the womb I was walkin
I had no time to crawl
That's why my stroll so swaggin
I been workin at it
Passin broads in my car
They be pointin at it
I'm pointin back if I find them bitches rather attractive
I got a chemical flow
I'm a bio hazard
In the booth for 5 minutes
Leavin radioactive
Pushin pretend to be a G
You just a radio actress
I'm on top of the money
Like a dope boy mattress
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