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Curren$y Lyrics

Get Paid Lyrics
Yeah, Jet Life
Jet Set none the less
Uh huh

[Verse 1: Trademark da Skydiver]
I'm talking oceans in the back
Front reserved for Porsche's
Highed up, focused on my fortunes
A real G I'm try'na ball
I want it all, f*ck a portion
Money in my pockets more stacks than a fortress
Up early everyday I'm try'na flip
I need more of it
Gotta get it now
Will I see tomorrow I ain't sure of it
Overdue, it's bout that time
I deserve a lick
I'm try'na see something slick
I really came form nothing though
Still I stand tall
Pockets thick fitted sittin low
Twisting with my chick out the man in front of getting gold
She ain't a gold digger but love her Daddy get this dough
Real nigga's hear it in my words
Plus my actions show
Nothing less I'm a jet so I'm sendin threats
To these suckers hating on my name cause I'm next
Protected by the planes
JLR, family crest
Mama fall back form them lames and fly with the best

Get paid, get paid
Get paid my nigga get paid [x4]

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Never underestimate the other guys greed
Game given from a snake indeed
I still take heat
Keep the force with you stuck adhesive
F*ck with the real niggas see how we do it
Baby girl we the people
We lose them dudes
Your homegirl and them cool
We making moves like when throwback rap albums had in to lose
We used to chill at the crib waiting for homie to bring them instrumentals through
Mixtape rap your way to a million dollars
I did it partner
Too much of a scholar
To ever live in squalor
Scissors beat paper unless we talking bout them paper dollars
I'm in there like I live there
What took you so long baby girl
I been here
Try'na lose your man he a square huh
I don't even know if it's fair ma
F*ck it though you livin in the same world I'm in
Dirty, but that money make it spin

Get paid, get paid
Get paid my nigga get paid [x4]

[Verse 3: Young Roddy]
I hustle hard till I'm dead
Or locked behind bars
I'm a jet member we live by a different set of laws
Roddy trap hard ain't no time for f*ckin off
It's a scary game but I'm not scared
Not at all
I'm hoping that this high don't ever come down and fall
Cause some days where we know we way tougher than them all
Still spitting these trill bars free of charge
And them niggas don't give a f*ck they cold hearted
That's cold blooded
Specially in New Orleans
Just try'na make it out this maze that I've been lost in
I rep my set from the stage to the coffin
School of hard knocks I learn to read between the margin
But real shit so many problems I deal with
And I thank God for Mary Jane that good piff
But I won't quit stackin my bread flippin my chips
I double count my paper and then I dip
Jets fool
I bet I do

Get paid, get paid
Get paid my nigga get paid [x4]
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