Curren$y - Froze Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Froze Lyrics
[Chorus x2:]
Feel so cold
I came up in the world so cold
That's why my heart on froze
My heart on froze
My heart on froze

I came up in this world so cold

[Riff Raff:]
Yeah, uh
Mind incoherent
Taint the days from the bad experience
I don't hit the line I pass the interior
Exterior Phantom, seldom wait for stanza
Bout to hit a couple stories, boy scout lantern
Ca-ca-cathedral box, center stage like Chris Rock
Recline the top, like Peter Pan drop
Drop a couple smells, top smells, top chef
Cheddar melt, fast forward silk chain made from Tinkerbell
Luxury coated, due to a couple pairs dancing
Marinara on the seat belts, Versace fence
I'm Michael Phelps with the gold medallions
I pulled a couple stallions, my rims rattle
I ball like Ralph Samson, Riff!

[Chorus x2]

Undefeated like my sweats, untouchable rep
Underated overhated, f*ck em I'm a jet
Life on the set nigga, live and direct
Like an intercept, halt your progress
I don't celebrate that touchdown, yet
You soft as a night gown clown, I see that right now
I'm cold I'm froze like you should have wrapped them pipes
I'm cold I'm froze like put some coats on them children
'Fore you let them outside
Getting strong of that green spinach bitch, Popeye
Pot got me lazy in my long sleeve tie dye
Whippin' a Mercedes AMG 96 2 door 600
Alloy wheels on it, introduce me to your best bitch homie
Eyes can't hide her desire, she on me
Heart on fire for Mr. Frosty, I'm cold
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