Curren$y - Fly Out (Part Tres) Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Fly Out (Part Tres) Lyrics
I think it's a chain [?] now we can all win
Rather than complain or rather go Halloween
Rather holding close don't fall in, I got to have it
[?] living in the same city limits
It's a small world everybody in the business
Don't know if stayin welcome, I [?] 15 minutes being quit
What is this? can somebody explain it
It's kind of like [?] don't make sense to the ordinary nigga
[?] we maintain [?] what's the world?

Yeah, suck ers act like
All the good music [?] bitches in [?]
But I'm still drippin' [?] talking [?] love street
Haters only hating cause the fact they love me
Niggas hold budget 'cause I'm hustling
Hold your breath to your death
Tell the [?] we say [?] for the machine [?] make me sneeze
[?] hope make it [?] before I leave because [?] down stairs just chillin'
I don't like my outfit, I need two more minutes
From the magazine 'cause I [?] into your bitch name until I search engine
And [?] speed em.

We keep on tell em babe
After that you give a [?]
And everybody wonder what I've made
I make the dough dance, master of the ceremony
All of your program
So let the show proceed, bring on the suckers MC's
When it's time to feed, so tonight we feed [?] from my winners street
Is superstar nigga [?] the dope [?]
So when I campaign guess who wanna vote for me
[?] finally come up the air [?] chillin in the long chair
[?] the girl with the long hair and I ain't even there.

Fly out, fly out, fly out, fly out [?]
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