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Flight Briefing Lyrics
[Lady Flight Attendant:]
Ok, as we get ready to take off, please be sure to check that your seat belts are fastened, that your tray tables are up, and that you electronics are off. as the crew comes through to make final cabin checks, please let us know if you have any questions or need any help. We promise to do everything we can to make sure you have a safe comfortable flight.

Uh, with these lazy eyes I've seen
More than you could see in seven lifetimes
Getchu on track
Got the fresh scoop from inside
Get you insight on the situation cause I done it twice
Done the dotted line, tightrope walk
Where the suits want results, they don't talk
Dozens of songs locked away, and writing in the vault
No one to blame, it was solely my fault
No soft chrome, just boss came 'long
Right now I'm not trippin' pimpin'
You could pay me for it when you get it
I'm tryna get a bigga home, put my niggas on
They puttin' their niggas on, we gettin' really strong
... Jets, best shape ever
Winner's circle
You squares need to get it togetha
Or stop hangin' with eachotha
Go somewhere and get is seperate
Your bitch want that vitamin D, she lookin desperate
Bullshit convo, five minutes invested
Now she buck naked, lyin' to you via text message
In a snap like celery or fresh lettuce
Give me head and try to get ahead of us
You know which way is up

(Flight lady again, but you can hear what she says)

Yeah, as the world turnin', and my joint still burning'
I hold my head high and I got that from uncle Vernon
So, if you want respect, you gotta earn it
It's crazy, most people never learn it
So, before they hear my sermon
Here's my confession, I get dressed with my burna
I know that ain't right, but I know when shit's weak
Try livin' on my tray first streets
So, before I fall asleep
With a certified freak
Who just tryna get her hands on some... seats
I'm cool
Nice try, but you can't get that from me
Nice guy, hard body, man it way too weak
Gucci broads even said I keep it way too G
I never try to be somethin I'm not
I do me
I find it better on my own two feet
Roddy keep it unique and low key
Jets Fool

(Flight Bitch... again)

Fresh Polo bucket, all them niggaz know I'm actin' out
Smoke so much kush in the whip I started blackin out
I'm hoppin out, I', one of the freshest without a doubt
Bitches love when I come around, they know what I'm about
Take em to the house
F*ck em good, smoke em out
Burn a whole ounce with a mama, back to my paper route
I'm tryna put a couple a dollas in my money pouch
Bag to bag transactions, then I'm ova and out
Dumb it down? neva that, you should know me buy now.
I'm floatin' on a kush cloud and I neva come down
Jet set, international we roarin now
All for takin niggas bitches when we come in town
Lames cryin over hos, the tears of a clown
I'm smokin on some purple and green, you steamin brown
Leaves with them sticks and seeds, they should see me now
It's MOB, I rest in peace on a money pile

(Of course, one more time, the Flight Bitch)
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