Curren$y - Fast Cars Faster Women Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Fast Cars Faster Women Lyrics
[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Lately I been, thinking 'bout GT3's
Chrome rims, South Beach in the middle of the street
Not parked ain't trippin' I'll accept them lil' penalties when I get 'em
If the papers wasn't so thick, I probably roll the joint in the middle of 'em
Fool ain't know Spitta just inclined to go and get it
We all like the new Benz, I just got mine a lil' bit quicker
A glimpse into this Jet living as fast cars faster women
I would've been mega-pimping, I ain't have the time to put in it
Though I still mack official minus the stripes and the whistle
That's cold game deliver Direct TV Sunday ticket
Suckas can't be down so they just be mad with us
We don't drink or smoke our hash with them ass kissers
You gotta be your own man 'fore I ever call you mister
They gon' have to call me billionaire Jet this year

[Hook: Curren$y x2]
Still on my hustle, bitches still love him
Big block Chevy motor running, you can hear him coming
Yea focused on money, keep them numbers doubling
If it ain't about amounts then it ain't about nothing

[Verse 2: Daz Dillinger]
I begin my day off with a half ounce
Clocked in on that cash route, bust you in yo' damn mouth
Million pounds of vegetation, semi-auto registration
Built millions off being patient, clutch in, no hesitation
I roll by, I shake the ground with my presence
Bitches scream my name, you tell yo' nigga yea I said it
Run and tell a message, motherf*ckas keep up gossip
You see more money more problems, you tell me how a nigga solve 'em
(See I can't call it, I stay balling, never falling off
You still a pussy ass nigga if your heart is soft)
You pay the cost, point seen, money lost, taking off
In that Jet Life, kill you quick and see you in the next life
See I'm forever paid, rollie Gazelle shades
I got it made, cloud to smoke, you know a nigga dazed
(See that's the motto that I live by
Currency, you know that m-o-n-e-e-y)

[Hook x2]
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