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Curren$y Lyrics

Example Lyrics
Been yet
They look up to the Jets
You can't stop ma plane
Nigga you can't do a thang

Uh machete sharp
My dream's to realize the Ferrari's heart
Global domination ruling ma thoughts
Never let 'em play you
F*ck 'em sideways, always until they pay you
Reimburse me for payed dues
The money made me move
Running thru my shoes
For the day that I can kick 'em off

I said I quit smoking these beats but I relapsed
We heard yo shit and we laugh
That bitch saw that herb you twisting and she passed
She rather see me make that 6-4 lean back
Flow hippy, comfortable bean bags, chill
I tell you a secret if you can keep it
Shhhhl, real
Sucker ass niggas cooking all kind of bullshit
Sucker tash ya'll stuck to them digits
Wonder why I won't eat with ya
Bauss tha f*ck up
Be somethin', nigga
I am an example of what can happen when you quit being afraid to gamble
I shook the dice and rolled
With niggas like you who want to stay, shook but frozed
I get busy
You think you know but ain't sure

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