Curren$y - Empire Monopoly Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Empire Monopoly Lyrics
Watchin boardwalk empire feelin inspired you can take it all over if you just tried it
So I tried it liked it got addicted to the square footages and home insurances
Best way to get to it is the self way do it for thou like what better time then right now
Bendin corners on these blocks makin my rounds. Highed up. Baby girl love the way that I get down
This dat headband got a nigga royally high scratch headband we gone have to call this a crown
Paint water wet on the chevy might drown so fresh it almost wasn't ready
When you get yo shot make sure you aim steady
Cause suckas gunnin fa yo spot the jack boys drew a bullseye on yo drop and you was still on da car lot
Them niggas ain't givin a f*ck young killas ain't Rememberin ya or respectin what you done in them streets
They just focused on themselves comin up some pimpin gorillas some chimps some chumps
Monkey shit in occasions those not actin they ages got the story first hand from my incarcerated scarfaces speakin in coded language on visitation
In no form am I a criminal but never was sure what my friends was gettin into
DVD title menu on the flat for 4 hours because fell asleep beneath the sour
In the crib yo bitch want me to take her like a shower
No one man should have all dat...
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