Curren$y - Double 07 Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Double 07 Lyrics
Looking for someone down the line
But no one will be there to see ya through
F*ck all y'all

Shelter from the rain in a parked car
Chopping game, modifying my slangs
Fog lights in the grill, in the grill whippin the 96 Range
It's insane how fast they let you drive in them narrow lanes
My independence remains
Cause I ain't working for the radio station like Martin Payne
I grind and maintain my piece of mind
Almost lost it once on the line
But see that I found it just in time
A mercenary killer
Paid for bringin death to these whack niggas
You call them raps that's why them labels never called you back
Pimpin, yeah jack, spitta snap,
Long flight, turbulence bad, baggage claim tags, car service rolling grass
Double 07, but I ain't talking agents
Two ounces and seven grams my nigga we still blazing
You uneasy in my presence
Dumb questions, dumber statements
I'm on a whole nother level
Roof terrace, you the basement
Couldn't gain possession
Them haters couldn't take it
Can't see me unless you sleeping
Nigga Freddy vs Jason
Snoozing on the JET movement
Your worst nightmare in the making
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