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Curren$y Lyrics

Daze Of Thunder Lyrics
I'm in that 77 glasshouse Kelly greenin rims with the nice lips angelinas
Jolie roll me anotha sticky steama got them bitches pressed like I brung em to the cleaners
Fool don't lie you ain't never seem him in person you just heard about them tracks he be mirkin
Bout them hoes I be workin like one up for the piimp
Got a yellow bone bitch Rollin weed servin grits
You know curly head Amanda Ain't she from Atlanta Condo on peachtree roomate named Pamela
In love with her body girl don't sweat them lil love handles that's where I put my hands at when I snatch you up to ram you
Ask ya BFF about what happened when she passed through baffled by the castle mind unraveled
Say the smoke was amazin and the bed life magical f*ck ya homegirl good and let that news get back to you
Now it's like you got to too curiosity brought that pussy cat to the house with me and I killed it
Suckas hate the jet life cause they not allowed to live it fool I'm dead cereal killa f*ckin serious.
Nigga this is personal you can't get no whiff of this I roll it up myself and then I smoke it till the end of it I
I'll burn it half way down and iput the clip behind my ear you bitch either way a square ain't sayin he got high with me today
Frito lay chip motorcycle coppers tryina see what exit I take off the interstate so they can follow
But I ain't trippin I got it like money in my pocket and the clip next to my license that confirm that I'm a pilot
I'm stumblin cross the red carpet laughing spillin bottles u stuck in yo hotel room waiting on yo stylist
You can't get dressed with out em cause u got no inner flydom showed up like where the hoes at
Fool they all in my room ad-miring the ass now I'm a smoke to that before tell you get in bed and arch ya back
Smooth rap served chilled musical cognac audio dope surround sound crack all that
The sunroof top and the diamond though not in the caddilac cause I'm a chevy driver
I've been all over the map my home at the bottom winter hot like summer big chrome skinny rubber
Rust bucket I spent 1500 on that muh f*cka another 30 racks restorin that muh f*cka
40 said you got a bad bitch better tuck her like chris they love bumpin Mac dre on the way to get some paper
Haters is mad we get high and get rich I ain't slowin down for nothin george kush the button like what does this do f*ck it here goes nothin
Ya mans is somethin... else class by himself high off radar stealth
For the love of the jets until it's nothin left you ain't got no gas go over there and syphon some of theirs
Game cold fridgeidare tho it's fair no choice for us to play so you might as well win mane they say it ain't errthang but that's that loser talk so ask them mane
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