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Curren$y Lyrics

Credit Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
It's like that and as a matter of fact I'm right back
Cause I never hesitate to act a fool on these tracks
My homies be callin me on tha jack like damn fool why you killin beats like that
I'm jus rappin my life
Hit tha studo in tha morning talk about what happened last night
Adventures on Candy Island
Bitches whilin while I'm jus smokin kush bubba
Me and captain Knuckes until I can think of somethin to do
Hit tha street bring F.S. tees to high class boutiques
Collect cheese and smash out
Star struck shopper, shauty almost passed out
OG status
Daddy told me it was passed down
By bosses who was doin they thing but they not here now
Respect I earned
Jus ask how
Tha world learnin what tha jets bout
Jus about tha best out

Guess I be left alone when I'm restin in my throne
Writin that excitin
You upset cause yo girl like it
Guess I be left alone when I'm restin in my throne
Letters etched in stone
Restin next to my bones
Guess I be left alone when I'm resin in my throne
Writin that excitin
You upset cause yo girl like it
I guess I'm a physic
I told you that I would do it
Credit Spitta for reppin New Orleans hard in his music

[Verse 2:]
Pretty bitties runnin round in they unmentionables
Some things are just untwitterable
Suckas lookin for company they miserable
Spinnin on these bitches
Wheel of fortune as niggas
Them hoes don't think you boss
They think you soft
She passenger twistin, while I'm paddle shiftin the porsche
My boat shoes and argyle socks
Polo sport
96, 98 style diggin in tha crate clown
Can't label my flavor
Can't categorize my fly jet set behavior
I push a SS
Paint now and later
I pull of capers
With stealth technology off radar
Hello kitty, good bye hater
She caught in the moment, you can't save her
Eyes like red beam lasers on tha flight I'm takin
Opportunist, I can show you what makin moves is
I live through it, I show you what payin dues is
Real recognized, real I never seen you kid
Homeboy who you is
We tha Jets and this is tha set we claim dat
Get money f*ck bitches to death
In front tha club smoked out
All of us in the vettes
We came back to back for two blocks back
Speed vision
Livin drunk, women, loud engines all on my cloud pimpin

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