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Curren$y Lyrics

Crack BC Lyrics
Yo, Jet Life
This Spitta
Ya'll know I ain't saying nan crack, no soap
Let me get out Roddy way & let him do his thing. Feel me?

I called in a professional! Here's a professional let me move

[Young Roddy:]
These my 10 crack commandments
They can't tell me nothing bout this coke, nothing bout crack, nothing bout this weed
This for my hustling niggas
Niggas on the corner 24-7, I ain't forget you niggas
Uh, this my tre-first commandments

Aye! I been in this game for years, this shit made me a savage
Word to the mama, my niggas they tote cannons
Rule #1: No serving in front of cameras, cause that's the quickest way to get you thrown in the slammer
#2: Scared money don't make loot
First car, without a lisence, lil nigga making moves
And if them jack boys got you nigga
Then I move
Cause it'll be another nigga dead on the news
#3: That shit cold blood if you ask me
Only speaking when I'm spoken to
So barely do I speak
From talking out of turn, can get you 6 feet deep
So you better pay attention, fore yo ass become dinner
#4: I know we heard this before
But my homie getting high on his own supply
#5: Never hold no cash where you rest
Cause it'll be more than them Jets coming for your neck
#6: That goddamn credit... whatever
You think a crackhead paying you back?
Nigga never
#7: I'm at the dice came, like "bet it"
I win a few grand, spend it with a dope man
#8: Never let no bitch hold your weight
Cause in the hood, some days a nigga safe ain't even safe
#9: I'm tired of coaching niggas how to grind
Better cop a few rocks nigga
Break em all down
#10: Should've been #1 to me
If you ain't getting pen'd, stay the f*ck from police
Like the Gingerbread Man, tell em'
"Catch me if you can"
Ain't tryna do no bid, f*ck livin in the can
But will a nigga like me ever snitch?
Hell no
Them goons will wack you in that rain, sleet, hail and snow
Follow these rules have mad cash to rake up
Make money easy like a layup
Jets nigga
These my tre-first commandments
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