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Contacts Lyrics
[Intro: From the movie "Super Fly"]
"You want a blow? "
"Are you going to leave? "
"Yup... I got to make a pick-up"
"Will you be back soon? Are you coming back soon Priest?"

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Meeting of the Five families, brung a little jewelry through
Them niggas bring their hoes with em, they be staring at me
Baby that fool that you with don't compare him to me
We in the same business but them boys ain't up on they business
I'm a busy man and I own a couple businesses
Might could loan a business to my homie if he want it
But we all bosses and he got his own shit
Weed so strong you need a weight belt to hit it
I take that bitch mind like the hypnotist
F*ck her brains out she hit the mall and buy me shit
High as f*ck, 'bout it, 'bout it
Brung her 'round some other girls, I got her tryin shit
The shy shell, she came right out of it
After we all came, I was counting again
Back at the money mountain, praying and plotting
On ways to get it all without them trying to stop it

No time for these bitches and they know that
Dollar signs in my eyes the money contacts
You could catch a contact high bitch how bomb am I?
Like the weed hit the music this how them G's ride... JET LIFE
Like the weed hit the music this how them G's ride... JET LIFE

[Verse 2: Trademark]
You know how the game go, I be highed up up on the same ol'
Trademark AKA Flamingo
I still don't f*ck with no lame hoes, make change when I change flows
Which hoes like I change clothes, I got dough but I want more
Same youngin from the corner store, tryna get it on the low
Jet life to the next life, that's the only thing I'm living for
Money over bitches, that's all this young nigga know
Slamming coupe doors, rolling on them 24s
Outfit was four G's, but I ain't stuntin whore please
Nothing flyer than the SV this JLR
And my SB's read FB, say no more
I been hustling, got 200 racks in the floor
With a hundred more in the armoire past the corridor
I'm stackin, when it comes to racks I tell em pour it on
All I see is dollars, it's only thing I'm focused on
Only mils can save me, I done reached a point of no return


[Verse 3: Fiend]
Niggas strong like a hundred proof liquor, an onion is a zipper
Ask around town we the niggas, the nigga nigga
Motivated by money you know the streets be dummy
Bet nobody gon' run me, don't end the permanent gumby
Paper still rap from the mud 'cause we've been dug it up
Buttons still spin on these cars, oh we just crushing her
Latest of the latest, you in the presence of greatness
For pussy he got pages, me I'm usually one they chasing
Break bread like white Jesus, on methadone, she need this
It was pounds of weed before your features
Ballies on my feet for the night's that it was all for the cheese
Impala on D's, Harbor Mall spending G's
By any means Fiend sheesh
Tree look purpish, gold links Turkish
We ain't at the Dart girl, but this babe know how to twerk it
And that thing with her tongue, she could probably join the circus
Dice hand, super swag, can't bitches serve it

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